Maravelias Extreme Performance Anemometry Mesonet (MAREPAM)

Mission Statement
MAREPAM is a nascent high-performance anemometry Mesonet for coastal New England. Existing wind measurement infrastructure underperforms woefully in 1) non-standardization of gust averaging times/sampling methods, 2) non-usage of individually wind-tunnel-calibrated anemometers, and 3) antiquated hardware design susceptible to data loss during power or network outages. These issues preclude scientifically accurate wind observation comparisons which would otherwise be climatologically and historically useful.

MAREPAM stations are custom engineered down to the microcontroller level to solve these problems. They employ IEC-61400-12-1 First Class certified calibrated anemometers for unparalleled accuracy, streaming data over LTE-M cellular uplink at rapid minutely intervals. A real-time Quality Control algorithm continually monitors data quality and excludes any erroneous data. At least one laboratory wind tunnel calibration certificate is available for each MAREPAM station's wind sensor suite, which often employs multiple sensors.

MAREPAM currently spans four coastal sites and supplies Blue Hill Observatory's next-generation wind measurement system on Great Blue Hill summit, where a long-term comparative study is underway to qualify it as a permanent replacement to the antique NWS F-420C wind system rapidly approaching non-serviceability. BHO relied upon MAREPAM anemometry for daily operational climatological records during the 2021-2023 Mass DCR structural renovations which temporarily constrained instrumentation.

Unlike commercial providers, all MAREPAM data are freely available to the public and openly hosted on the internet without any subscription app or paywall. We are looking for additional high-exposure coastal sites in New England to host valuable MAREPAM installations. Email admin at for more info.